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The following prices are meant for one person, one night included breakfast service and taxes.

We accept: Cash, Maestro EC ,payment Postcard, Euro .


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Double room with shower/wc per person from

CHF 78.00


Double room the shower and wc are on the flat per person from

CHF 58.00


Reductions for children in the room with the parents

from 0 - 2 Jahren


from 2 - 5 Jahren

50 %

from 5 - 12 Jahren

30 %


Half-Board with 3 courses started)
with 3 nights. Only with reservation

CHF 28.00


Bedrooms with bulkbeds with 4/6/8 beds from
the shower and wc are on the flat per person

CHF 43.00


Dogs (without food)

CHF 7.00



CHF 10.00



With pleasure we will send you more informations about the HOTEL, weeks offers and for organizing your ceremonies or your free-time


You can reserve directly with the underneath formulary or ask about a more detailed offer.

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