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The History

It was a time that people used pack-animals to cross the Bernina Pass, with snow storms and polar cold in winter and with the scent of alpine flowers in summer. The exchanges unwinded between Valtellina and Engadina to go from Italy to Germany. Here in the Hotel Ospizio Bernina happened the changing of houses and they could take refreshment with a good risotto or polenta drinking a good glass of wine from the near Valtellina so they could start reposed again. Today remains the snow storms and the polar cold in winter and the scents and colours of the alpine flowers. Very touching is to cross the threshold between Engadin and the nice temperated world of Valposchiavo and Valtellina. Polenta and risotto with a glass of wine are still excellent with more the conforts of our hotel. How to arrive: by car or with marvellous Red Train of Bernina.

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